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Social Networking: Addiction or Key to Global Interactions?


Businesses who want a better future knows the importance of social networking. To reach more audience today, social networking is the real key that expands your business globally. But is it suitable for everyone? Due to increased global interactions, users and spending more time on the internet. To find any information today, we rely on the internet and we don’t find one, consumers to think that the company is not matching their expectations.

Statistics of the internet population:

   Here is what the new statistic shows us about the increase in using social media and the internet population.

  • The worldwide usage represents the total use of internet users around 57% of the world population.
  • Since 2018 to 2019, there has been a 2% increase in mobile phone users on social media sites.
  • The active users have been effectively increasing and the people who are active through their phones are now 3.256 billion.
  • The time spending and usage of users on social media are increased by 9% in just one year.
  • Asian countries are highly active than the other countries when it comes to the use of social media.

Competitions of social media platforms have been increased:

Even though everyone knows that Facebook is always on the top but the new research says that YouTube in the future is going to give a tough time to everyone. Still, most of the sales are now done through social media platforms. Therefore, social networking is now important if you want to reach out to your customers. People spend more time on their phone rather going out and find the products. So, we can say that it has become an addiction too for people as they now rely on the internet and social media for everything.

Social networking has increased brand visibility:

   Without a doubt, brand visibility or its image in the mind of consumers is everything. If the users don’t know you, you might want to pack up your business. The social media works as an effective solution if you are using the right strategies. The debate that whether we are using social networking right or not depends upon the strategies we are using.

People might consider that through some running ads, brands make enough money. But, that’s just not it. Many businesses are hiring today social media marketers to help them out as leading their pages online and running successful social networking is not just simple.

You might want to pick out the best social media platforms for effective communication with your consumers. If you are targeting globally, then you must be sure about the language barrier. Sometimes the needs and values of other cultures and countries can be different and you really have to make sure that you are providing the best to them.

Every content should be monetized and go through the necessary measurements to make sure that the users love it. As your communication depends upon it every time. If you don’t know how to handle then its time to bring someone on board as today the professionals know better. In fact, they will be able to provide better results and you can rest assured that your social networking is in good hands.

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