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Say Good Bye to Google Translate and Welcome New Translator on a Block!

Say Good Bye to Google Translate

As you all probably know, Google is not only the search engine which we use on a daily basis when we need to ask a question. Google is also known for its free translation tool, called Google Translate, and its less known, website translator. It is free to use and offers machine translation service at no extra charge. People of low means and college students are heavily rely on it in order to get their documents and websites translated into as many as 100 languages.

However, due to its refocusing efforts, Google has terminated support for its website translation widget and if you google it today, you will receive this succint message:

It is sad for all the users who came to rely on it over the course of ten years. The whole decade has passed and sole purpose of Google was to drive the website translation prices down and destroy the local competition with its cheap machine translator.

No more. The hegemony is over.

It is costly to run it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin know that. So why just not keep making money off Youtube ads and Google ads and remain the top 10 riches dudes on the Forbes list? So, that’s what they do.

Meanwhile, the website translation niche is full of other solutions. For example, It is also free and has a comparable, if not a better machine translation. It comes with 92 languages and offers a professional proofreading option for your machine translations (post-editing). This startup has been quickly growing over the last years and supports many CMS technologies such as WordPress, Shopify,, Weebly and SquareSpace.

They have just uploaded a new video on how to translate a website into multiple languages in under 10 minutes. That’s the speed unheard on in the localization industry!


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