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Industry Solutions

These pages are intended to provide you with insight into some of the different industries we specialize in serving and show how we can provide your business with the best translation services to fit your needs.

  • Manufacturing
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Life Sciences
  • Media and Publishing
  • Electronics and Hi Tech



Automotive companies and OEM's must make information rapidly available in a wide array of languages to meet the needs of their global client base. Translation Services USA works closely with key industry players to manage the delivery of all corporate information into different languages.

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Finance and Legal

In the Finance and Legal sectors it is not simply about delivery to schedule. Accuracy of contractual, legal, and financial reporting documentation is absolutely paramount.

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Software Engineering and Information Technology

Operating Systems, Firmware, CRM applications, ERP systems, Booking Software, Databases, Games. Whatever a product might be, for each step in the software engineering process (design, development, documentation, manufacturing, QA testing, and customer support), engineering teams create large quantities of essential information.

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