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Interpretation Equipment

In order to participate in a multi-lingual meetings simultaneous interpretation equipment is required. In most cases mobile soundproof booths are required, which can be erected in the conference room. The simultaneous interpreters sit in the booths wearing headphones and listening to the conference via our sound system. Speaking into a microphone, their interpretation is distributed around the room enabling delegates to listen to their preferred language.

The most appropriate simultaneous interpretation equipment for a conference where delegates are seated theatre-style is an infrared system, as it provides coverage over a large area with a minimum of wires and clutter. This type of simultaneous interpretation equipment allows the delegates to be mobile by using a cordless infra-red receiver and headset enabling them to choose their own particular language channel.

For discussion-based meetings where the participants are seated around a table, digital simultaneous interpretation equipment is most common. Each delegate has a high quality microphone, which also acts as a multi-channel listening point. To hear the interpretation using this type of simultaneous interpretation equipment, the delegates merely plug their headsets into the microphone units and choose their preferred language.

Another type of simultaneous interpretation equipment is the tourguide system, which is an ideal solution where portable sound is required. The tour guide system is an essential piece of simultaneous interpretation equipment allowing interpreters and tour guides to be heard in very noisy locations, as well as enabling them to whisper in very quiet venues and thus avoid distracting others in the vicinity. This type of simultaneous interpretation equipment does not need a technician to operate it, as it comes in a small portable case, which also acts as a battery charger for the cordless headsets.

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