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Korean Phrases

Meeting People
Nice to meet you = BAN-GAP SUP-NEE-DA
You’re welcome : gwaench’ansumnida
My name is : che irumun imnida
I come from : ch’onun e so watsumnida

I want to get off here : yogiyae naeryojuseyo
I want to go to : e kago shipsumnida
Take me to my hotel : hotel-lo gap-see-da

May I see the room?: pang’ul polsu issoyo?
Do you have anything cheaper?: tossan kot sun opsumnigga?
Please give me my key: yolse jom juseyo
Where is the bathroom : byun-soh uh-dee-yip-nee-ga

Restaurant: shikdang
I’m vegetarian: ch’aeshik juwi imnida
The menu, please: menyurul poyo juseyo
The bill please: kyesanso juseyo

In a shop
How much does it cost?: olmayeyo?
That’s too expensive: nomu pissayo
Can I have a discount?: chim ssage juseyo

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