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Spanish Employee Handbook Translation

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Employee handbooks are widely used by employers as an efficient way to communicate guidelines to employees about company policies and the employment relationship. Some states with have state law requiring an employee handbook in Spanish or another language native to the employees. Although English is obviously the official language in the US, providing the company policies in other languages may protect employers from lawsuits. Company guidelines in the employee handbook provide information about the company, employee benefits, and what is expected of the employee, including:

  • Workplace conduct
  • Timekeeping
  • Attendance
  • Personal days
  • Policies
  • Guidelines

A properly drafted staff handbook is a valuable communication tool for employers. It is important NOT to use employee handbooks templates since these do not take in consideration the specifics of your company. Use employee handbooks templates only as a start point to avoid the legal problems that can arise when the employee hand book is not properly drafted.

For Spanish-speaking workers, a proper translation of employee handbook in Spanish may represent an important channel of communication. Although most of the Hispanic workers speak some degree of English, many of them are able to read/write only basic English. To get a quality employee handbook translation make sure to choose a company experienced in human resources language translation.

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