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It is not a secret that due to high volume of translations, many professional translation companies charge high minimum fees for small personal translations. Now, to fill up this gap, we make a step toward our personal customers and offer them competitively priced professional translation services for small documents and phrases. One of them is translation of a motto.

Why motto translation? Many of us are doing research of our genealogy and look for clues in ancient families. Motto adds a feeling of branding to a product or a company. Motto is something that drives us everyday. Short phrases that contain a lot of deep meaning motivate us and guide us toward our goals.

If you get free translation of a motto, you will be unsure whether the quality of that translation is good. However, if you delegate that task to us, we will make sure you get a professional motto translation which you can use for the rest of your life. We employ only trained linguists living in-country of their target language. motto translation

For $50, you can get up to 10 words translated for your motto. There is a list of currently supported languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Tradit.), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hiragana (Japanese script), Italian, Japanese, Kanji (Japanese script), Katakana (Japanese script), Latin, Sanskrit, Spanish, Spanish Latin America. If your target language is not listed here, feel free to "inquire within". We can certainly find a solution.

To order motto translation, fill out the form below and mention "motto translation" in the subject field. We will get back to you shortly with further instructions.

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