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Translation of Medical Reports

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If you need a medical report translated, whether it's for an insurance claim, clinical study, transferring a patient to another facility, or a second opinion, Translations Services USA is here to help you We've helped clinics, hospitals, medical labs translate of medical reports into over 150 languages

There are many unique challenges to medical report translation, and one of the biggest is simply the language style. Since reports are usually written by and for doctors, the language in medical reports can often be complicated (or even terse, if written quickly in the midst of long hours), and can be difficult to understand, particularly to a layperson with no medical background or experience Additionally, if a medical report is handwritten it can often be infamously illegible, as with the old jokes about unreadable prescriptions scribbled out by doctors For this reason, it is important to work with a translation agency who uses translators with a background in translation in the medical field At Translations Services USA, all of our translators who work on projects within the medical industry have this experience, not only in understanding medical terminology and jargon, but even at deciphering a briskly-handwriting note

Since medical reports often need to be electronically transmitted, they are often available only as non-editable formats, such as PDF files, or even scanned, printed, and otherwise duplicated facsimile images of the original Our translators and project managers have no problem with this, and are able to convert or recreate any medical report into an exact duplicate version of the original in an editable format (such as a Microsoft Word .doc file) while retaining the design and layout of the original

The needs of the medical industry wait for no one, so even if you have a tight deadline, we can get you a translated medical report on time, even after office hours and on weekends And if you need a certified translation for the purposes of official documentation, we can provide one by request.

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