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Informed Consent Document Translation

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If you represent a drug company that does business internationally and are conducting clinical trials and other testing overseas, you must conform to the standards of the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki. All major medical ethics committees around the world require your informed consent forms to be available in either the country's national language (or languages), or a language that can be understood clearly by the clinical study participants in that country.

At Translations Services USA, we have over a decade of experience in providing certified translation services in over 150 languages to medical and pharmaceutical companies, including providing the translation of their ICF documents for use abroad. We have worked with many leading medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and CROs. Our clients have included such distinguished names as the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and Remote Medical International. When you need a medical consent form translated, we can assure you that the translation will be ompleted by a professional translator with experience in the medical field, and translating into their native language.

Quality Guarantees and Approved Methods of Validation

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If you are to required by the IRB or any ethics committee, we can also provide validation and back translation of your informed consent forms. We will provide a translation certificate with your ICF translation as a guarantee of quality and accuracy to any committee or agency that monitors your clinical trials.

One thing to be aware of is that, due to the nature of the medical industry and international standards and practices, prices for ICF translation can vary greatly for certain languages and countries, depending on their requirements. In order to combat this, and to save time and money, consider using a "Master ICF" which can be used as the basis for all your additional locale-specific translations of informed consent documents.

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