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How to Become a Video Game Translator

Does it take a “hardcore gamer” to make a great video game translator? The answer is an unquestionable “yes!” Translators who don’t play video games don’t have the required background or understanding required for converting the niche terms players expect. Also, video game reviewers can typically tell if the localizer is, in fact, a real gamer.


If you aren’t a gamer, think of it this way: if you had played a game from the very start, you would have seen specifically just how the story initially developed. Next off, envision that you got rid of the first game, then the 2nd as well as now you’re ready to play just what could be the 3rd as well as last chapter of this thrilling tale. As a player, you’d want everything to be perfect.

  • Content you may be provided to localize could include:
  • A section of a speech by the primary character
  • Copy regarding the weapons, adversaries, and also a whole universe
  • General marketing as well as PR materials concerning the game

Translation vs. Localization.

Localization means equating words with the very same vocabulary that appeared in previous games as well as marketing products, since followers of the game would anticipate it to be done this method.

Players are your most useful resource of information when it pertains to finding out more regarding a game. Having this background expertise could be extremely valuable.

Discovering the solutions certainly requires some examination. If possible, play previous versions of the localized game, however this isn’t always an option. Otherwise, do whatever it takes to go deep right into the story and also make use of the (sometimes little) time available to attempt to comprehend exactly what it is that makes a lot of individuals crazy about it.


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