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LinGO: a new way to translate your WordPress blog

We’d like to announce the launch of an exciting new WordPress plugin, LinGO by our sister site Ackuna!


What makes LinGO different from other WordPress translation options? For starters, LinGO doesn’t rely on redirects, additional URLs or stored files on the server, or pages embedded in third-party website frames. Instead, it provides instant, on-site translations to visitors.


And on the administration end, LinGO is the only plugin for WordPress that allows full control over every translation for every snippet of text on the site, directly from the WordPress admin panel and without needing to download PO or other translation file. And because all of the data is stored on Ackuna’s server, it doesn’t need to be backed up or validated—it just works!

What makes LinGO so fast and easy to work with for both visitors and blog administrators is that it uses machine translation to “fill in the blanks,” so blog text will never go untranslated for visitors. Administrators can then optionally access all of their original text and the translations in each language from their WordPress admin panel to edit them and make them as accurate as they want.


Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing—we’ve got the LinGO plugin installed on this blog right now! Just click or hover your mouse over the “English” button next to the Ackuna Translate button at the top of this post, select one of the languages from the dropdown, and voila!

Get all the details at the official LinGO page on Ackuna and get ready to be blown away by how easy it can be to make your blog go global!

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