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3 great WordPress plugins to translate your blog instantly!


There are a plethora of WordPress plugins out there designed to help you translate your blog, and needless to say, some do a much better job of it than others. While some may require a certain level of technical expertise, or even paid and registered accounts on third-party services, we’ve got three free ones below that we think you’ll find easy to setup, and perhaps more importantly, easy for your visitors to use.

icon-128x128 1. Translation by Translation Cloud

Did you know that Translation Cloud has created its own free website translation widget you can copy and paste onto your website? While Translate This is already quick and easy to install, for WordPress bloggers, it’s even easier.

Simply install our Translation WordPress plugin via your admin panel, select what language your blog’s posts are written in, choose a button style, click “save,” and you’re done!


The button will be automatically loaded along with your post, allowing users to select their language and instantly translate your blog’s content. It’s that easy!

2. Translator by ConveyThis

icon-128x128 The Translator plugin by ConveyThis has some solid features as well.

ConveyThis started in 2008 as a quick, easy-to-install widget for webmasters to add to their websites to provide instant and accurate translations to their visitors with little effort, setup, or maintenance. Now, ConveyThis has adapted its format to make this setup even easier for the millions of webmasters and developers running blogs and other sites from WordPress by creating this simple, easy-to-use plugin.


What makes this plugin interesting, though is that if you have a (free) registered account on the ConveyThis website, you can integrate it with the Translator plugin to provide even faster, better results via Google Translate! The plugin comes with a trial for this service built in as well, so you can test out API-powered translation before even setting up a separate account.

icon-128x128 3. Translate by Ackuna

Finally, the crowdsourced app translation community Ackuna has its own WordPress translation plugin as well, Translate, and you might notice that this is the translation plugin we’re currently using here on our blog!

Ackuna’s Translate plugin has a lot of the same functionality as the other two functions, but it has fewer options and is even easier to setup. The plugin is powered by Google Translate, and currently supports over 100 languages!


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