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Happy 5th birthday to crowdsourcing site Ackuna Translate!



It’s hard to believe, but Ackuna—Translation Cloud’s sister site, and a leading provider of free crowdsourced translation for apps and everything else—is now five years old! It’s been able to stick around this long thanks to all of the translators and developers who’ve devoted their time and energy to providing such a great and positive experience and community for one another, so with sincerity we say “thank you” to all of our users!

But there’s even more to celebrate. Just check out some of the other new and exciting things going on with Ackuna:


Over 30,000 registered users!

Ackuna’s rapid growth continues with an explosion of new users since its last announcement only a few months ago.

This is exciting news for everyone, as the more translators there are , the faster and better translations will be, and the more developers there are, the more (and more exciting) projects there will be to work on!


Ackuna in German, Russian, and Belarusian

Ackuna is available in three other languages in addition to English! Check out,, and to try all the foreign language sites!

But there’s more: did you know that these sites were translated using Ackuna’s own community of volunteer translators? You can help contribute to the cause by submitting translations and corrections to the text using the links below:

Thanks as always from us at Translation Cloud and the Ackuna team for using Ackuna, and here’s to another 5 years and 30,000 users!

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