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Ticket Translator for Zendesk: take your customer support global!


If you’re like the thousands of companies that use Zendesk to offer service and support to your customers, then we’ve got some exciting news!

Introducing the Translation Cloud Ticket Translator app for Zendesk!

If you have a sizeable international usebase, or even if you want to start expanding to reach customers around the world, install this app now and partner with Translation Cloud to provide multilingual support for all your customers, no metter who they are or where they’re from.


Fast and accurate translation for all users. Communicate with anyone!

Quickly and easily translate foreign-language comments from anyone, and translate your agents’ replies back in their own native language.

Ticket Translator by Translation Cloud provides fast translation provided entirely through our back-end system–you never need to upload a source file, download or import a translation, or view or copy translations from a third-party system ever again!


Install Ticket Translator in just 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up on Translation Cloud with your email address and Zendesk account info.
  2. Install the Ticket Translator app from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.
  3. Request translations of your ticket data from the app’s convenient sidebar widget.

The app is free to install and experiment with, so theres no reason not to try it out. There’s no commitment; preview your text, pricing, and other options before you confirm anything.

Head to the Zendesk Marketplace now and look for our Ticket Translator app. Help your business go global faster than ever before!

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