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Using Translation Glossaries For Clarity and Consistency

You can preserve language uniformity throughout several localization works by using a glossary. A glossary is a collection of words with unique translations or definitions which you can produce your own as easily as making a spread sheet.

There are two main kinds that you can make for most projects:

Bilingual references are one-to-one (word in source language together with word in target). Example: In Japanese, you may not want brand names rendered in kana, but to remain in English. You can note this in a multilingual glossary.

Interpretation glossaries define uncommon words or jargon. These references are just as helpful for ensuring localization accuracy. Example: a blog post packed with technological terms may need clarification for exact localization.

For both sort of references, it’s important to pick your terms sensibly. Keep an eye out for words with the very same spelling and various definitions, as these can make texts incomprehensible.

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