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Patent Translation Service for Inventors and Organizations

Translating Patents

With the ever changing technology nowadays, innovations and breakthroughs on products have been springing up faster than it already was. And with all those products that have been coming up one after another, product inventors can only protect themselves through patents.

Patent application, also known as patent filing is a simple method to protect a product inventor from others to falsely claim the product. With a patent properly filed, an inventor can have the sole privilege of a certain product’s identity and its possible royalties. If an inventor would like to have a broader market for his/her invention, but still want to obtain a royalty protection of a patent, he/she can apply for a patent to other countries as well.

But with the complexities of language barriers, the inventor must obtain a patent on the native tongue of the country that he/she wants his/her product to be sold. And to do this, patent translation is necessary. To translate a patent, professional services must be hired in order to fully protect one’s product through a legal document such as a patent. Nowadays, there are quite a number of patent translation services that offer a diverse media of patent translation.

There is the traditional patent translation service where physical documents are manually translated by professional patent translators most likely is a native speaker of the language that they are translating the patent to. On the other hand, there is the more high technology method of patent translation which is through automated translating machines.

Translation Cloud is not proud to offer Patent Translation Service for individual inventors and organizations. Contact us for a free quote.

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