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Concerns About Translating and Filing Patents for the Chinese Market

More firms than ever are looking to secure their intellectual property rights in China, and we here at Translation Cloud focus on foreign patent translation and filing overseas. More than ever before, we are witnessing China moving from a country that our clients frequently submit patents in to one they consider as absolutely necessary for IPR purposes.

Of course, the biggest enigma is how China will handle the wide-scale IP violations that deter numerous worldwide firms from submitting patents there. China’s national copyright office stated it would increase enforcement to deter IP violation. It’s not clear if this constitutes a real modification or simply PR. Nevertheless, China is once again at the top of the USA’s federal trade agency’s watchlist of nations that overlook IP infringement.

Still, many experts agree that IP enforcement has actually improved in China. Patent holders seem to agree, as they are still investing substantial sums of money filing patents in China. If China does follow through with their promise to curb copyright and trademark infringement, we could expect patent filings in China to continue to increase, and worldwide firms that look for IP security in China will surely see considerable ROI from this decision.

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