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Patent Translations

Patent Translations

A patent grants an inventor legal rights by the government to make, use and sell their invention by excluding others from doing so for a limited period of time. This form With years of experience in the industry, Translations Services USA understands the importance of intellectual property, and has helped countless inventors with translating their patents domestically or internationally.

Patent translation has its own unique challenges and particular requirements. At Translations Services USA , we have the experience and qualifications to ensure our clients receive maximum value and quality translations. For such legal documents, our company work closely with the Patent lawyers to avoid any possible mistake in the translations.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued atleast 6 different types of patents, however, only 3 are the most common types:

Utility Patents: granted for new, useful, machines, manufacture, and/or improvements to an object already existed.

Design patents: creating a new and non-obvious ornamental design for a product
Plant Patents: provided to those who invented a new variety of plant, including cultivated sports, mutants, hybrids, & newly found seedlings

Professional Translators Specialized translating Patents

Translations Services USA has been in the business for over 15 years, and in that time we've amassed a vast database of professional, native-speaking translators from all over the world.
To ensure our client receive top notch precise, accurate, quality translations for their patents, our company work solely patents translators not only native speaker but those who hold technical degrees in fields such as PhD, MD in Engineering, Computer Science or Medicine, Life science biochemistry, etc. All translators hired have the appropriate knowledge of applicable laws, accepted practices and/or regulatory directives for the designated country of the patent document.

Patent Translation for Any Language or Budget

We realize that patents translations can be very expensive and owned by anyone from the largest multi-national corporations to the hobbyist inventor working out of his home. Therefore, we are prepared to work with you, translating your patent to or from any language, in a way that best fits your budget and needs.
All documentation submitted to TSU are guaranteed to be kept to high extreme confidential level throughout the entire translation process and thereafter.

Translations Services USA offers certification and notarization if required, so be sure to explain your needs when requesting a price quote. If you are unsure what is needed and the process, get in touch with one of our representatives. You can fill out our quote request form on the website and we are waiting to discuss your project's requirements and find out exactly what you need to protect your work.

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