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Translation services industry is huge and it's supposed

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Translation services industry is huge and it's supposed to grow constantly, so competition within the translation industry is extremely high. There are a lot of latter-day technologies, that provide translation, like hybrid translation (system-machine using translation), however we do work only with human professional translators. This is our priority to ensure our clients solely high quality output. After seventeen years being on the market our service quality is not only our philosophy it is, obviously, our advantage comparing to existing companies based in the United States.

Today the number of truly professional human translators with exceptional skills is limited, but requests for translation services are, in fact, higher; that's why a lot of companies prefer to use machines or provide hybrid kind of translation, in order to save client's time and get paid as soon as possible. Quick and easy, right? But, let's be honest: when it comes to output, the quality is extremely poor, even the neoteric technology used for the project.

According to our colleagues, other translation companies, promising the "machine speed and human quality" or using API technology, but all these services are definitely not about quality, it's about machine speed and fast money. Fast money, fast service- everything on the run. It is sad reality of our modern life. Fast service, fast money, fast food... Are you sure you want fast food or you want to stay healthy and eat organic meal? From the first sight there is no visible difference, so why do you need pay more? However, when it comes to ingredients it is significant distinction in favor of useful proper nutrition. You are what you eat! Period.

It is the same story when you order translation. Before ordering translation, just think twice what is your priority: to order "organic" high quality professional translation, or feel up yourself a junk, using the fastest machine translation method. Comparing too other existing translation companies, we work only with highly qualified experts in huge number of industries. Moreover our translators are specialized not only in professional, scientific and technical fields, but governmental, legal educational, healthcare and social industries etc.

Our advantage is providing customers prompt and an accurate translation among various types of services. Working with the most well-known record companies, we do provide voice-over/actors translations, video and movie translation, dictaphone transcription, music transcription, audio record transcription, video and computer games and many other services that are extremely topical today. According to statistics video ads will rule 2019 as 80% of online content.

The most companies providing, for example, subtitling services use machine translation method, which is definitely not 100% accurate type of translation. According to other translation service companies that provide these type of translations, they have limited sources, simply because the process requires physical involvement of interpreters. That's why Translation Services USA is one of the most trusted and professional translation companies located in the United States. Also we have long-term relationships with well-known corporations around the world, thus we build reliable dealing that obviously, play a crucial in the translation industry.

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