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Translation Services USA vs Morningside Translations

Translation Services USA vs Morningside Translations

We all live in times of great changes and competition, where the methods, processes and methods of information processing are changing. As a company that provides services in the field of translation services, we follow the trends and it is important for us to keep up with the times and provide services in accordance with the requirements of time and accuracy. Thus, everything plays a role: the quality of translation, the speed of translation, the reliability of translation, the reputation of the company and, of course, the translator working for the company.

One of the companies, Morningside Translations specialize in Legal, Finance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Human Resources, Energy, Technology , Media , Entertainment and Government fields. Our company company will be happy to assist you in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and other industries as well.

Despite the fact that we do not have as many offices around the world as Morningside Translations, we can proudly say that we are popular around the world as well as one of top America's translation companies, because we provide the service both electronically and in compliance with all requirements of legality. We use reliable senders, for example, FedEx, where our client is informed about the day the letter was sent, the tracking number, the date of delivery and other details so that our customers feel safe and confident that their documents will not go to the unnecessary addressee.

Morningside Translations had the opportunity to work with companies such as Motorola, Xeron, IBM, Pepsico, Allianz, and others . Translation Services USA, even not being such a large company with so many offices abroad, we can proudly say that we have worked with such companies as Mc'Donalds, Amazon, Ebay, Jeep, UPS, PayPal, Xerox , etc.

We really appreciate and value our customers, therefore, in case of working with personal/ private documents, under the customer's request we provide an agreement of non-disclosure of information, which guarantees that the information is confidential and both parties are responsible for its unauthorized disclosure.

What is more, even though we are not such well-spread company, we are still more quality based, not quantity, and you may see it from Google reviews left by our valuable customers. In addition, to make sure the translation is 100% accurate and there is no misunderstanding, we always require the approval from our customers to make sure the whole process of translation is went clearly and smoothly.

Returning to the topic of scale and number of offices, we want to inform you that we are launching a franchise and are planning to open 25 offices in 2019, which will make it easier for our customers if they want to contact us personally. This suggests that despite the fact that we do not have such a large and extensive network of companies as Morningside Translations , we want, we can and we strive to develop, expand, gain momentum in the development and spread our company not only on the territory of USA but all over the world.

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